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Local Places With is a map of places with fun amenities like bar sports, live entertainment, and games.

How does Local Places With define the amenities?
  • Bar Sports: Most likely found in a bar. Doesn’t require electricity. And a little athletic skill never hurts.
  • Live Entertainment: Social and musical activities geared toward an audience or group participation.
  • Games: Not quite a sport, not quite a social event, but probably just as fun.

Who finds all these local places?

You do! Feel free to add or update one here.

Local Places With Local Places With: Bar Sports

The #1 page for finding local places and bars with pool tables near you.

Local Places With LPW’s Top 5:

Cities with the most Bar Sports

# City Places
#1 Portland, OR 75+
#2 Seattle, WA 50+
#3 Los Angeles, CA 30+
#4 Denver, CO 30+
#5 Charleston, SC 20+
Last Updated: August 26th, 2018

Updated: January 2020

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